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There are millions of website owners online actively looking for better ways to build lists their audiences and make more money with those lists.

Many of them would kill to have just one great looking, hands free list building newsletter that contains their ads and drives people back to their sites – and you’re about to get access to bucketloads!

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Add their name and email in your special agency dashboard.  We’ll send login to them or you can login and set up their account (and charge extra!)

Step #3: Brand It!

Login to the account, add their branding ONCE and you’re done: We’ll send out their weekly newsletters and all additional content.  They won’t even know we’re doing the work for you…! 

Let Our Team Write Content For You!

We'll keep writing your newsletter content for your clients for as long as you keep your own membership active, so if you've purchased the annual Minute Pop membership you've got a full years content all ready to go!

You can give them access to all of the niches you've got too - or if you like, you could use the AI generator tools (connected to ChatGPT) to create custom newsletters for them, spinning our content and publishing as we'll teach you in a completely standalone system ... for which, you could charge even more...!

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