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JV’s & Affiliates …Your Solid 5 Figure Promo Awaits!

$233.50 + Recurring Per Customer & Lifetime Hardcoding On SUPER HOT Auto DFY Newsletter Popups!

Beginner friendly product displays fully automated, monetized and customisable popups on any website or blog, capturing leads and either delivering targeted lead magnet gifts and/or weekly newsletters monetized in multiple ways in multiple niches. 


Prelaunch Contest Starts: 4th Dec 00:01am
Prelaunch Webinar: 10th Dec 9am ET
LAUNCH LIVE: 10th Dec 10am ET
Cart Closes: 15th Dec 11:59pm ET

What Is Minute Pop?

Minute Pop is the simplest way to capture subscribers emails and instantly engage, entertain, inspire and monetize them.   Everything is automated, monetized and managed for you after the 1 min setup!

In Under One Minute You Can:

ALL of your funnels and newsletters are set up and monetized in under one minute!

Minute Pop Customers Will Receive

15 Completely DFY Lead Capture Funnels To Choose From

Everything is created, designed, hosted and set up.  Landing, optin, confirmation and download pages are built and ready to capture leads.  Lead magnets will be automatically delivered, email followups automatically branded with your affiliate ID’s and go out automatically to your subscribers

All products recommended in these funnels are on Clickbank with automatic and instant affiliate approval

PLUS 5 Niche Targeted, Content Rich DFY Weekly Newsletters

Forget AI … this is so much better…!  Simply select from one of five highly profitable niches, choose how you want to monetize (let us choose the products, send traffic to your own links or a combination of both), install the popup on your website and our team will manage niche relevant, trending news every week to your leads!


Watch The Video To See It In Action


Prelaunch Contest Starts: 4th Dec 00:01am
Prelaunch Webinar: 10th Dec 9am ET
LAUNCH LIVE: 10th Dec 10am ET
Cart Closes: 15th Dec 11:59pm ET


In A Launch Selling Complete Products With Beautifully Tailored DFY, High Converting Funnels … We’ve Saved The Best For YOU!

OPTION 1: Minute Pop Collection – $46.47 One Time (increasing over launch)

OPTION 2: Minute Pop Annual – $37 annual subscription option

OPTION 3: Minute Pop Monthly – $27 joining fee, then $19.97/month

NOTE: Option 1 &2 include 12 months of our DFY newsletter service.
Option 1 service ends after 12 months, does not rebill
Option 2 grandfathers them in at a discounted price, rebilling at $37 in 12 months
Option 3 secures you a sweet $9.97 commission each month they stay locked in!

You’ll Get 50% Commissions On Both Options (Now & Future Years)

Members Will  Receive The Following: 

 [+] Minute Pop Training Series: Training series includes a super fast start video, setting up your system in under 1 minute. Then we’ll explore how to choose the niche perfect for your audience, multiple ways to profit with these newsletter and niche targeted lists and some uncommon yet insanely simple ways to build your newsletter databases that can be flipped for thousands of dollars (and the places you can sell them too!)

[+] FunnelMates Membership containing 5 fully monetized, content rich, automated weekly newsletter funnels and 15 complete pre-built, hosted and automated lead magnet funnels.

[+] Stunningly designed hosted and instantly ready funnels
[+] All lead magnets created and delivered, followups delivered and targeted promotions
[+] FIVE weekly plug and play newsletters
[+] ALL automated and live in under one minute
[+] Includes 12 months of DFY weekly trending/newsworthy newsletter content freshly curated each week and perfectly tailored to each of the 5 niches.
[+] Frontend newsletter niches include health and fitness, wealth and make money, alternative and spirituality, families and parenting and general entrepreneurial news. complete membership websites, sales pages, funnel, delivery, step-by-step training inbuilt traffic kit, followup upsell/cross sell sales sequences & more

[+] Includes WordPress plugin OR standalone script (wordpress install not required, popup will display anywhere) 

OR if you don’t even want to use a popup you could send them directly to the landing pages too!  Options are super flexible!

Minute Pop Boost


50% Commissions

[+] 15 MORE  lead magnet funnels in HOT niches
[+] An extra 5 newsletter niches unlocked

5 Additional Newsletters Added
(for a total of 15 including the FE)
BONUS: Advanced Training Videos
(Create your own Minute Pop style lead funnels)
BONUS: Advanced Training Checklist
BONUS: 30 Day Fast Start Planner 

Minute Pop Agency Dashboard


50% Commissions

Customers will be able to create accounts and manage clients newsletters, set it up (i.e. add their clients name and monetization info), add the popup code and charge a premium for managing their newsletters 

$67 for 25 Accounts
$197 for Unlimited

Minute Pop Webinars


50% Commissions

[+] Unlock 8 handcrafted auto-webinars created to perfectly complement the top 8 niches, using software to capture leads and put them into cleverly crafted warmup webinars and nudge them into buying (with your affiliate links).  

These boost conversion rates dramatically when pushing new subscribers to the sale and are 100% automated.

Minute Pop Bundle Offer

Optional: Bundle Offer (Skip The OTO/Funnels)
Deeply Discounted At $247

50% Commissions

 [+] Minute Pop Collection & Bonuses
[+] Minute Pop Boost + 8 Newsletters & Bonuses
[+] Minute Pop Unlimited Agency Dashboard
[+] Minute Pop Webinar Collection
[+] BONUS: Editing Permissions For All 30 Funnels
[+] BONUS: 270+ Downloadable Lead Funnels

Total Funnel Value: $638

Affiliate Promotions Terms & Conditions

  • Affiliate Agreement: Read and agree to these terms before requesting an affiliate link. Non-compliance leads to immediate termination, loss of commissions, and possible ban from future launches. Legal action may follow for certain violations.

  • 1. Email List Requirements:

    • Must use your own opt-in email list.
    • No use of purchased, gifted, or illegally obtained lists.
    • Sending to non-owned lists is considered spam.
  • 2. Social Media and Domain Restrictions:

    • Prohibited from creating social media pages or buying domain names using the product or brand name.
    • Impersonation by using product/vendor name in emails is not allowed.
  • 3. Intellectual Property and Fraud Prevention:

    • No purchasing similar domain names, cloning sites, or reselling the product.
    • Selling on membership sites is forbidden.
    • Actions viewed as theft or fraud lead to legal consequences.
  • 4. Refund Manipulation:

    • Cannot encourage or instruct customers to refund and repurchase through your link.
  • 5. Review Site Guidelines:

    • Posting OTO links on review sites is not allowed to prevent confusion and unauthorized access.
  • 6. Marketing Ethics:

    • No negative campaigns or controversial methods.
    • Offensive or negative domain names are prohibited.
  • 7. Advertising Compliance:

    • Misleading claims, false testimonials, and non-compliance with FTC guidelines are not allowed.
  • 8. Marketing Tactics:

    • No gray-hat/black-hat marketing practices.
  • 9. Cash Rebates:

    • Offering cash rebates is prohibited.
  • 10. Self-Purchasing:

    • Purchasing from your own affiliate link is not permitted.
  • General Notes:

    • Terms are subject to change; regularly check for updates.
    • Affiliate payments follow platform rules.
    • Use redirect links for emails and website campaigns.
    • Ensure accurate representation of products and their features.
  • Overall Requirement: Maintain integrity in promotion to mirror our legitimate business practices.

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