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Results are not typical. We'll show you how we do it and give you tools & training. If this doesn't work for you, you can request your money back within 30 days.

Ultimate Done For You Startup Kit

Gosh, is so exciting! I can already think of a few newsletters I want to customise. Having everything set up so all I have to do is put my own touch on it is incredible. 2024 is going to be great!

- Kevin Berry

Marketing With Email Is Still As Powerful As Ever

4 Billion Daily Users

$12.3B In Revenue

$1 Spent / $36 Earned

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Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for growing a business. Its success and the money it makes keep increasing and are projected to increase further. 

At the current growth rate Statista predict it could reach 17.9 Billion annual revenue by the year 2027.  Of course, these are just predictions and not guarantees, but the previous years are looking promising. 

AI generated and/or automated and curated newsletters like these have been listed as SOLD.  Some of the ones I’ve seen selling in the last month have lists under 1,000 subscribers in the most random of niches and many with $0 listed revenue.  

Businesses understand the value of a good, responsive newsletter!

Screenshots taken from Duuce.com, a marketplace that lets you sell newsletters. They’ve marked these as having sold recently.

So What’s Stopped You?

The Three Biggest Barriers To Creating, Managing & Building A Thriving Email Marketing & Subscriber Lists In Any Niche (Even With AI?!?)

If you’ve ever tried and failed at list building, email marketing and growing a newsletter to something you can really be proud of, you’re not alone.  MOST people who try will fail.  Then they’ll try again… and fail.  

Entrepreneurship wasn’t made for the weak and boy… does it test us sometimes…!   

With the introduction of ChatGPT and AI we’re all made to feel like anyone SHOULD be able to just click a button and turn it into a fully profitable newsletter, or sales page or book.  So why does it feel harder than ever before?

If you’re feeling a bit beaten up, it’s ok.  It sucks, but it’s ok … It’s normal.  Maybe you’ve struggled with some of these issues:


Excited by the idea of tapping into an ‘on demand’ traffic source you might have tried , but gotten stuck with the setup…

[+] Choosing the right software
[+] Finding something in your budget
[+] Setting up an email list
[+] Creating optin forms
[+] Making landing & thank you pages etc
[+] Adding code to your pages

Sounds so simple to begin with but WOW there are a lot of moving parts…!


If you got past that first hurdle and have a lead funnel set up, then what…?!?  AI? Maybe?  But so much of it SUCKS…!

[+] Lead magnet gifts?  
[+] Newsletter content regularly
[+] Email promotions, sales etc
[+] Creating branding material 
[+] Adding it to your emails
[+] Keeping consistency even if bored

Not just writing an email today, but keeping your list engaged FOREVER…


TRAFFIC… !!!  LEADS!!! It’s the most common frustration. It’s all setup, took ages, but now… nobody will join… 🙁

[+] No new signups
[+] Nobody reading/opening your emails
[+] No sales of your offers

Doubt sets in long before you’ve had enough consistency to stick with it… because who the heck wants to spend an hour writing an email that maybe 10 people will see?!?

To Save You The Heartache & Frustration We'll Just

Do It All For You

To be clear... 'All' Does not mean you won't need to do anything at all. We've just tried to clear the technical, time consuming Parts, where people often make mistakes.

It's Simple. Scalable. it's something you MUST See

Introducing Minute Pop!

Your shortcut to Subscriber Growth, Engagement & Clicks To Your Offers

Newsletters Made Simple

1. Select

Choose the audience you’d like to grow, selecting the newsletter of your choice

2. Brand

(Optional) Your logo, your brand name & sponsored ad.  Or let us manage it for you!

3. Pop!

Use WP or our standalone app, build a customisable pop up & get subscribers

Don't Have A website Or Blog? Don't Worry - Keep reading To See Our Done-For-You Fix. But First...

Meet Your New Newsletters!

New Content Every Week In Piping Hot Niches

Newsletter #1: Family Matters

Newsletter #1: Family Matters

Niche: Parenting & Family Life

“Family Matters” is a weekly newsletter full of news, tips, and ideas for parents. We bring easy-to-read thoughts on bringing joy into your kids lives, balancing family life, and keeping up with the latest trends. It’s a helpful guide for busy parents who want to stay informed and get practical tips for family life.

Done For You Email List Engagement In The Family/Parenting Niche

Grow: Builds you a solid list of parents eager to provide the best lives for their children and offers regular valuable content on a weekly basis to keep consistency and engagement

Monetize: You can add links to your own  education offers, training tools, coaching programs or leave it with us and we’ll find products to promote with your affiliate links

Newsletter #2: Health Hub

Newsletter #2: Health Hub

Niche: Health & Wellness

“Health Hub” is a newsletter for people interested in staying healthy and fit. It shares the latest health trends, wellness tips, and ways to live a healthy life, including emerging strategies for better workouts, training techniques and new options with their health and fitness routines

Done For You Email List Building In The Health & Wellness Niche

Grow: Establish yourself in this highly profitable health and wellness niche, where we’ll warm them up ready for you to sell your offers, build your audience and turn those into clients and sales

Monetize: You can add links to your own fitness, diet, wellness offers, training tools, coaching programs or leave it with us and we’ll find products to promote with your affiliate links

Newsletter #3: Tech Trends

Newsletter #3: Tech Trends

Niche: AI Tools, Tech & Gadgets for Digital Marketers

“Tech Trends” is a weekly newsletter aimed at digital marketers and tech-savvy professionals. It explores the latest in AI, marketing gadgets, and technological innovations, offering practical insights for integrating these advancements into marketing strategies.

Done For You Email List Promotions In The AI Tech/Digital Marketing Niche

Grow: One of the easiest newsletters to ‘flip’, the tech space and especially anything to do with AI training and bot usage is HOT…  We’ll show you how to customise this further, but know that this one is something you want to be a part of for sure!

Monetize: Add links to your own offers you put together or anything else that’s releasing – or leave it with us and we’ll find products to promote with your affiliate links

Newsletter #4: Marketing Matters

Newsletter #4: Marketing Matters

Niche: Digital Marketing,  Affiliate Marketing, Innovation & More

“Marketing Matters” is a newsletter for digital entrepreneurs and marketers. It covers everything from creating digital products like eBooks and apps to promoting them with the latest digital marketing techniques. Topics include content creation, SEO, social media, email marketing, and affiliate strategies, plus emerging technologies in the digital world.

Done For You Email List Monetization In The Online & Affiliate Marketing Niche

Grow: Builds you a solid list of parents eager to provide the best lives for their children and offers regular valuable content on a weekly basis to keep consistency and engagement

Monetize: You can add links to any of the new launches coming up, your own offers that you create or even your own high end coaching program.  No ideas?  Leave it with us. We’ll find products to promote with your affiliate links

Newsletter #5: Culinary Highlights

Newsletter #5: Culinary Highlights

Niche: Food & The Culinary Arts

“Culinary Highlights” is a weekly newsletter for food lovers and chefs. It dives into cooking trends, recipes, and the culinary arts with gourmet insights, cooking tips, and food culture stories. The content is engaging and flavorful, perfect for both amateur cooks and professionals.

Done For You Email List Content In The Cooking & Foodie Niche

Grow: You’ll grow your list full of people interested in cooking, kitchen tips and the lucrative audience that’s addicted to trying out new things in the kitchen

Monetize: You can add links to affiliate products that sell kitchen utensils or even entire kitchen makeovers, training courses you offer or live workshops or leave it with us and we’ll find products to promote with your affiliate links

260 Editions Of Trending Content In Highly Marketable Niches Is Just The Beginning!

Make your newsletters Completely unique

Use AI To Make It Your Own!

We'll give you unlimited Access To Our Custom Built GPT AI Bots & Step By Step Training

Use these resources to turn our weekly newsletter content into your own completely unique newsletter without having to write a word. You'll receive everything you need to build huge lists, create your own website and the perfect setup and system so you can sell it and simply take the cash & hand over the keys


People Buy & Sell Newsletters On Duuce.com

With so much attention on newsletters right now, it's only natural we'd focus our attention on the web's #1 platform for buying and selling newsletters. Below are some screenshots we've found on the Duuce.com website. You'll also see a screenshot from one of my entrepreneur facebook friend's wall. This screenshot is unverified and results like this aren't typical, do your own due diligence!

Dreaming Of Becoming A Newsletter Mogul?

Start Today With Minute Pop!

We'll equip you with a collection of done-for-you newsletters to get you started, then you can...

Tap Into The Real Duuce juice With Minute Pop & AI…!

As part of your Minute Pop bundle we'll also show you how to:

Research & generate your own unique sub-niche newsletter using our custom AI GPT's

Publish your own 100% unique newsletter, starting from scratch using tools we provide

Use an undiscovered newsletter subscriber hack to legally grow your database FAST!

Package your newsletter ready for sale on Duuce.com, in multiple sub-niches!

So You Can Turn Your Five Completely Branded, Researched, Written, Scheduled, Monetized, Managed For You Newsletters  

Into unlimited AI Newsletters…!

NOTE: If you don’t want to create your own newsletters, you’re welcome to keep just using ours – we’ll continue to manage and send content packed newsletters to your subscribers.   This AI addition is for members who want to turn our content, resources, software and AI generating tools – and training into newsletters of their own.  

While we provide the content and tools, we don’t promise this will generate any 6 figure sales for you.  Most people attempting to make money online will earn nothing.   

Your Initial 5 Newsletters Are Automated & Ready To Use In Under One Minute

Our goal with Minute Pop was to make this the most beginner friendly, fast and easy way to start seeing results online.

So if you are starting out (or just in a hurry), everything is 100% ready to go after you’ve completed your one minute activation.  Right out of the box you’ll have:

With Minute Pop you can add the popup to an existing website and turn visitors who would have left previously into leads and ongoing automated traffic, clicks, leads and sales. 

*Don’t have a website yet?  Keep reading…!  We’ve got something VERY special especially for you! 

Using These DFY Newsletter Popups To Build Thriving Subscriber Lists Is Great... But...

What If You Don’t Have A Website Or Blog?

No website? No list? No Worries!

Strap yourself in for the ultimate in beginner-friendly Newsletter System!

Your Secret Weapon For Big Email Lists

Huge Growth In Highly Profitable Niches

Hosted & DFY Email Capture Funnel Collections

Collection #1: Parents Pack

You’ll get THREE email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Parenting & Family Life”, “Health & Wellness” and “AI Tech Trends” newsletters


DFY FUNNEL #1: Hidden Sugars In Your Diet For Health Conscious Parents Funnel.  Delivers report and follows up promoting the Smoothie Diet offer on Clickbank tailored to parents & fun for kids too!

DFY FUNNEL #2: A Parent’s Guide To Safe Woodworking Tools & Techniques Funnel.  Shares the best tools for setting up a safe workspace and follows up with the Ultimate Small Shop product on Clickbank

DFY FUNNEL #3: Strong Foundation For Building Strong Health Teeth Funnel.  Shares about keeping your children’s teeth healthy and follows up with natural product recommendation, ProDentim on Clickbank

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #2: Seniors Funnels

We’ll also add these FOUR email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Health & Wellness” and “Digital Marketing” newsletters


DFY FUNNEL #4: Aging with Energy: The Liver’s Blueprint for Livelong Vitality.  This report shares valuable information about liver health and follows up promoting LivPure

DFY FUNNEL #5: Hobbyist’s Guide to the Top 20 Woodworking Tools On A Budget.  This is perfect for the senior hobbyist and has recommendations for setting up their own Ultimate Small Shop at home

DFY FUNNEL #6: Guarding Your Gums: A Deep Dive into Gum Health and Disease Prevention.  Sharing different potential health issues and preventions using our natural product recommendation, ProDentim

DFY FUNNEL #7: Golden Years, Golden Smiles: A Comprehensive Guide to Oral Health for Seniors. This funnel also recommends ProDentim with a new/fresh angle

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #3: Wealth Funnels

PLUS these FIVE brand new email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “AI Tools & Tech” & “Digital Marketing” newsletters


DFY FUNNEL #8: Profits & Phases: How the Moon Influences Business Decisions. This uniquely fresh twist shares the science behind lunar cycles and business decisions and offers a free moon reading too, putting them into a high converting Clickbank offer

DFY FUNNEL #9: Leading With The Brain In Mind. This report is for CEO’s and management recommending a Billionaire Brainwave offer on Clickbank after signup

DFY FUNNEL #10: Millionaire Mindset Unleashed: Unlocking Your Brain’s Wealth Potential. Classic make money online, this is rich with sales copy that will entice your audience to download the report and visit the Billionaire Brainwave offer on Clickbank

DFY FUNNEL #11:Break Free with Brainpower: From Employee to Entrepreneur. Created for people frustrated in their 9-5, this follows up recommending a Billionaire Brainwave offer too

DFY FUNNEL #12: Craft Fair Mastery: 20 Essential Tools For Profitable Woodworking. This is great for people who want to turn their hobby of woodworking into a business! Follows up recommending the Ultimate Small Shop product on Clickbank

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #4: Weight Loss

And finally, these THREE email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Health & Wellness” and “Food & Culinary Arts” newsletters


DFY FUNNEL #13: Detox Deep Dive: Amplify Your Cleanse With Liver Wellness.  This educates them about liver health and guides them to visit LivPure for a naturally healthier way to get better results with their detox programs

DFY FUNNEL #14: Beyond Dieting: The Liver’s Secret Role In Melting Stubborn Fat: Showing some uncommon links between liver health and losing weight. this eyeopening report then guides them through to the LivPure offer. 

DFY FUNNEL #15: 150 Free Smoothie Recipes. Delivers a report packed with smoothie recipes and follows up promoting the Smoothie Diet offer on Clickbank especially tailored for post menopausal women. 

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

That's 15 Entire Lead Magnet Funnels

YES YES YES! I Can Almost Taste The Excitement...!

But We Forgot one crucial Detail...!

Yeah yeah yeah... So many amazing funnels, Newsletters On Demand, so easy to get started, incredible potential in a business model that will only continue to grow ... but what about Traffic...!

Nah, Just Kidding

We Haven't Forgotten About traffic

As if we'd forget about something that crucial! Ready for traffic? This is a doozy!

Minute Pop Grows Your Newsletters In X Powerful Ways

One of the more common questions we hear in our support desk is… “Is it really that easy?”    The answer is, YES!   There’s no need to overcomplicate it (I know… I do that sometimes too…!)  Breathe easy, it really is that simple.  

OK, Stop... I need to get this off my chest.

Maybe you’ve bought products before that offered you the world and ended up  flat… Maybe you’ve come close to giving up SO many times it’s not even funny. 

In fact, it’s SO COMMON for people to fail at online marketing that we’re now required by FTC law to put a statement everywhere telling people ‘Most people who try this will fail’!  Awful, but sadly true. 

The truth is, it’s VERY simple, but also – in reality… anything worth ANYTHING requires work, dedication and focus. 

This is NOT a magic pill, or push button system that will spit money out like a broken ATM (seriously, who actually believes that crap!).   What we’ve done is provide you with the tools and resources that often trip people up, or have them feeling stuck when it comes to creating websites, creating newsletters and building something you can be proud of. 


The fact is 90% of all startup businesses will fail.   That statistic might even be higher for online businesses that don’t actually state to the gov until they’re earning money that they’re actually trying to become a business.  My guess is a LOT higher. 

Does that mean you should just give up on your dreams right now? 

Hell no…!   If anything, I say – get clearer on your goals.   What do you want to achieve and why – and what’s a proven (by at least SOME people!) method of getting there. 

For me, and many like me … newsletters, building a customer base and growing that audience has been crucial to keeping my business going for over 17 years now.   It WILL NOT WORK for everyone.  It’s up to you to find where your passions are and how to turn that into a business, but we’re here to help. 

It’s been my mission for YEARS to create something that removes as much of the hassle as possible – so you can finally say goodbye to all of that guessing, frustration trying to get your head around the technical know-how, design, copy, and insane learning curves you’re supposed to apparently have been born with.

The Minute Pop collection simplifies everything down to those three steps.  We run things differently here, because after 17+ years of creating products online I’m not here just to make a quick buck.  I’ve seen a lot and done a lot – and what REALLY lights me up is seeing people discover this freedom for themselves.

Seeing Beginners, Like These... Excitedly

Is What Truly Lights Me Up!

Results like this aren’t typical, most people who try make money online won’t earn a cent – and many people who purchase today won’t even bother to login.  

For Scott, Johnny and Cosmos however… 

THIS is more than just the $13.50 or $18.50 in commissions.

This, for these people and hundreds of other beginner marketers is about opening up a world of entirely new possibilities.


Ask any 6, 7 or 8 figure online marketer what their first sale was and I guarantee you they’ll tell you with the excitement of remembering it like it was just yesterday.

This Internet Marketing thing really does work! That first sale is your new beginning!  Obviously it’s not guaranteed but we’ll do our darndest to help you get it to work. 

There's Nothing Holding You Back

You Can Have A Collection Of Managed-For-You, Growing Newsletters You Can Be Proud Of!

Own, Create & Thrive With This Complete Newsletter Package

Maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t help but over deliver… to make this an even easier decision for you I’m also including two very special launch-only bonuses.

Get 2 New Funnels EVERY Month!

Having more funnels, in more niches is the secret to many of the massive marketers success. 

When you have the right lead magnet to offer at the right time, to the right person… that = $$$’s…


Which is why we’re giving you the ability to choose 2 new funnels every month from our collection of 2,000+ done-for-you lead magnet funnels.


We’ve got new funnels in most niches imaginable being added almost every day, so you’ll be able pick the perfect one …  

Best of all, there are NO additional monthly fees.   You’ll get 2 every month, included in today’s offer, so your collection of ready-made funnels growing your ability to fill your newsletters faster will keep growing as your subscriber list and commissions do month after month… after month.   


Build Your Own – App Access

If, in that 2,000+ collection of done-for-you lead magnets, you still can’t find what you want… we have a solution for you too. 

We’re giving you access to the FunnelMates builder and members area so you can create your own.

You can use our one click templates to install a funnel, drag and drop builder to customise and email templates, point and click link building and tracking system too!  

This is our flagship software and you’ll love it!

But Only When You Join Minute Pop From This Page!

It's Time For You To Shine!

With minute pop access, completely managed for you newsletter funnels!

They're waiting and ready for you to access and activate. Shortly after you join you'll receive an email with login details. When you login you'll see our FAST START training video that shows you how to get it set up in under one minute (or slightly longer, but it's available to do at your own pace).

The only thing left to do now is jump! Join now and we'll see you inside!

As you can see, we’ve gone all out to prepare some pretty wild technology that simplifies growing, scaling and managing top quality newsletters.

However…if you’re someone who LIKES to be at the cutting edge but always seems to be stopped, stuck, regretting chances you just didn’t take, then let me make this easy for you by offering my 100% money back guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know there’s a lot of pressure for you right now, with entry spots being so limited, the VIP’s bonuses being restricted to this page… and the price about to increase too.  So I want to give you a chance to remove all doubt and instead of locking yourself into something “forever”, I invite you to just try it out instead.

Join our happy Minute Pop family now, and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your results in 30 days, simply contact our support team and we’ll refund your money. No Questions asked, No hard feelings, No Kidding!

However, I Do Have To Warn You

There Is One Small Catch

And it's a very real catch when it comes to securing Your Minute Pop Access Today

This Offer Is Limited

As I’ve said… this is a very time limited promotion. It HAS to be for a few solid reasons.


Minute Pop Newsletters have JUST GONE LIVE, so you have the opportunity to get this seen by people and get them onto your newsletters faster AND the chance to tap into the BEST NICHES and subniches as we’ll teach you in the training much earlier.


You’ll be one of the first few to claim the all-important ‘founders’ benefits of having their sites live first.   Seriously, this is a huge advantage with the methods we’ll be sharing with you. 

If you were to say no to yourself and leave this page now, I can’t guarantee this offer will still be available but I can guarantee that right now is your chance to get the best deal you’ll ever see for access.

I highly recommend that you take action right now and take advantage while you still can.

So Now It's

Your Turn To Choose

You could always turn left, forget everything we’ve talked about (which you’d kinda need to, because how sucky would it be to KNOW how good your new life would be, and not be living it??)


You Could Turn RIGHT, get your hands on the Minute Pop Collection and join us on this journey to success! 

My entire team and I have worked REALLY hard to make your choice just now a 100% No Brainer, and as such, I have a feeling you’re about to Make The Right Decision! 😉

Click Below To Secure

Your Access To The Entire Minute Pop System


I reserve the right to change the price, change the offer or remove this altogether even as soon as today.

If you want a beginner friendly way to see profits without having to worry about technical issues, writing creatively, or struggling for traffic, now is the time to act. Secure your Minute Pop account today.

Frequently Asked  Questions

No problem. Just imagine having a collection of completely written for you newsletters, joinable by customisable popups or complete done-for-you lead magnet funnels – ready in the simplest way imaginable.    All ready in under one minute.

Yep, 1 minute. I know, I know. It sounds a little out there… Luckily for you, I made a video to show you just that. (Ironically, it’s longer to watch it than to set up your newsletters)

You’ll be able to add your own logo to be sent in each of the weekly newsletters, as well as add your name and display a sponsored ad of your choice.

If you don’t have a logo or any idea of what to promote to your subscribers we can take care of that for you.   We’ll show you how to add your affiliate ID’s so we can add your links into each of the newsletters that go out getting you clicks to promotions from ALL the big players… JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank and more…  

Don’t be silly. It’s an important question.

We’ll… I’ve been a full time online marketer for over 17 years after getting started by ‘accident’. I created a website in my forced downtime while undergoing chemotherapy for some particularly aggressive cancer. I knew nothing about online business, or business at all… haha!

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so excited to be here, cancer free for over 12 years and owning a successful lifestyle business I never dreamed possible. I’m now truly passionate about doing what I can to see YOU experience the freedom this kind of business can bring!

Absolutely.  We’ve created this to give anyone a chance to get into Internet Marketing, without the dreadful learning curves so many other products out there require

ABSOLUTELY! Listen, I think this is the BEST and easiest website bundle bar none out there on the market today as it’s designed specifically to make your life as easy as possible.

But of course, I’m biased.

That’s why I want to give you a chance to remove all doubt and instead of locking yourself into something “forever”, I invite you to just try it out instead.

When You Join Our Happy Minute Pop family now, and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your results in 30 days, simply contact our support team and we’ll refund your money. No Questions asked, No hard feelings, No Kidding!

Fast Newsletters + Popup Builder + Bonus Funnels + Bonus Funnel Builder

This website in no way is affiliated with FaceBook or any FaceBook entities. Once you leave FaceBook the responsibility no longer is on their site. We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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